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How To Do A Twisted Bun Updo

How To Do A Twisted Bun Updo

Want some hairstyle inspiration? In this episode of Hair With Hollie professional hair stylist Hollie Kiernan shows you how to do a chic twist (literally!) on the classic bun look.

Products Used:

  • Hair Mousse
  • Hair Tie
  • Kirby Grips

Step 1: Create A Ponytail

Brush the hair back and comb through some mousse. Slick the hair back and gather at the nape of the neck and secure with a hair tie.

Step 2: Twist The Hair

Split the ponytail in to two sections and prep with hair mousse. Then tightly twist the two pieces in the direction away from the middle and then twist together and wind round the ponytail. Tuck the end of the twisted hair behind your starting point to give a seamless appearance and secure around the bun with kirby grips.

Step 3: Finishing Off

Secure the look with a good spritz of hairspray.