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How To Do A Waltz Jump

How To Do A Waltz Jump

Ice skating pro, Doreen Hoppe explains in easy to understand terms, how to properly execute the figure skating move known as the waltz jump.

I'm going to guide you through how to perform a waltz Jump, otherwise known as a three jump. The waltz jump is a forward entry jump with just half a rotation. The entry into the waltz jump will be taken from back crosscuts in a circle holding a right back outside edge.

And stepping forwards onto a leftward outside edge, bending your skating knee and taking your free leg from back behind through and front and taking off from your left toe pick, so your position in this jump, because it doesn't require a full rotation and only half a rotation, will just literally be like a B position. The landing position needs to be on a good running edge, right back outside, bent knee, free leg extended back behind you. Your arms out to the side and your upper body hold up, so you have good positioning and good control on the landing.

And that's how to do a waltz jump.