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How To Do A Wedding Cake Tasting

How To Do A Wedding Cake Tasting

Wedding cake tastings aren't just an excuse to gorge on moist, rich cake and butter cream confections. They also serve a very important purpose, helping you to decide both the flavor and look of your wedding cake. Here's how to do a wedding cake tasting properly.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • Some wedding cake bakery recommendations
  • Your wedding style and theme
  • The number of invited guests
  • Your wedding cake budget

Step 2: Research and Make An Appointment

Before you can have a cake tasting, you need to figure out whose cake you want to taste. Unless you know all the top wedding cake bakeries in town, one good way to discover them is to do some research online or call recently married friends or relatives for recommendations. Once you have a list, call your top three picks and schedule a cake tasting appointment with the pastry chef.

Step 3: Show And Tell

At the cake tasting, sit down with the Pastry Chef and show pictures or drawings of cake designs that you like. Describe to them your wedding style and theme, if you have one. Tell them how many guests you will be having and how much money you have in your wedding cake budget.

Step 4: Taste the Cakes

Most bakeries will allow you to sample two different flavors of cake which you can request when you schedule the tasting. If you don't have any particular flavors in mind, they will select an assortment for you.

Today, the most popular three cake and icing combinations are: white cake and vanilla buttercream icing; chocolate devil's food cake and vanilla buttercream icing; yellow butter cake and chocolate buttercream icing.

At the tasting, it's important to think about what flavor will appeal to the most number of your wedding guests. It's also better not to be hungry during a tasting, so you can be more objective. So eat something before the cake tasting. Remember also to cleanse your pallet with water between different cake samples so you will not mix the cake flavors. Just like when you smell too much perfume and it all smells the same, it's best not to schedule more than two cake tastings in a single day.

Step 5: Close the deal

After you have finished a few tastings and you have a clear idea of which cake and pastry chef you want to use, It's time to close the deal. Make sure that everything you discuss with the bakery is in writing before you sign a cake contract or receipt. Ask if they offer any guarantees. like the time of the cake delivery or the number of people it will serve. And it's always wise to put your deposit on a credit card if possible.