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How To Do A Wedding Ponytail

How To Do A Wedding Ponytail

This video will show you how to make a glamorous hairstyle for a wedding, starting from just a ponytail. It's easy to do but looks great!

I will show you how to do wedding hair from a simple ponytail. We pre-curl the hair using thongs, so the ends are slightly curly, and the rest of the hair we get straight. Brush the hair through and put the ponytail at the crown, which is right here.

Take a section from the bottom of the ponytail; keep the rest of the hair away. Instead of wrapping the hair tightly around, we will create a looser headband. Using kirby grips, just clipping them slightly away from the headband, and crossing them over.

Using two kirby grips, you make a cross so they won't slide down. Tuck the hair around. Taking another section from underneath, we will create the same effect from the other side.

For simple effect, we use hair accessories, which we'll just pin inside the hairstyle. Make sure that the flowers will be facing out, and that will secure the style as well. Just gently slide them in.

This style is ideal for wedding, for bridesmaids, even for proms or any special occasion. For adding effect, I would use glitter hairspray, which you just spray over the hair. It's a hairspray with the glitter inside, so it would make your hairstyle shimmering and more special.

This is how I would do wedding ponytail. .