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How To Do A Welsh Accent

How To Do A Welsh Accent

This VideoJug film is designed to show you how to do a Welsh Accent while speaking. So listen to this video and learn.

Hi, I am an actor and voice coach.

com. Here are some tips where you hear on your voice. The key to any accent is to isolate the sounds that are specific to that accent.

So in the Welsh accent, quite often you will hear people saying that it is a very sing-song sort of sounding accent. The reason for this is that, in Welsh accent, what tends to happen is the Welsh sounds stretched out and stressed, and there is a huge glide from hi-pitch to low-pitch. The accent I am talking about is the south Welsh accent, that has got a huge difference between the south and north.

We will focus on the south Welsh. So listen to this sentence. Jhon, what are you doing? Jhon, what are you doing? You noticed that huge glide on Jhon, that is much more common in Welsh than it is in other parts of the United Kingdom.

But, it is not exclusive to Welsh, Jhon, what are you doing? Notice that at the end as well, Doing, rather a sound in Doing, the one we get in Pit and Lit, peck and pick, becomes more like it and so that's peck and bet. Can I have a better hat please? Also, a lot of Welsh speakers or people speaking with a Welsh accent will tend to drop the yea sound, the y sound, it is technically calling yard, and drop that sound from words like news or tune and even sometimes from use. So rather than saying Conjoun used the new one, you will have Conjoun used the new one.

That's a new one. Finally, we have got the tapped R sound. Bright.

It is bright outside today. Bright. And this is a bit like rolling on R and you are going too far if you say Bright.

That is quite unusual. Try rolling on R but just once. But if you can not roll your R's, try pushing your tongue up to the roof of your mouth and say done.

Done. And now push really hard,Drrrr, and you might get a little Drr at the beginning, and that is rolled up. And try and do just one little roll 'da', you got it.

Bright. It is bright outside today. Can you bring me the orange crayon please?.