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How To Do A Wheelie

How To Do A Wheelie

The wheelie is the first trick that most people learn on a bike. It is a classic, and forms the basis of many more advanced moves, and is there for a trick that should be mastered by any BMX rider. Jason Forde of Team Extreme shows how to pull off the wheelie.

Step 1: Pull up

First off, pull up gently on the handlebars as you ride along. This needn't be too forceful.

Ensure you keep your weight even on either side of the bike to prevent the handle bars from twisting.

Step 2: Shirting weight

At the same time as pulling on the handle bars, transfer your weight over the back wheel so that you are standing on the peddles and your behind is over the rear wheel. This will pull the front wheel into the air.

Step 3: Peddling

As the front wheel comes up move the bike forward by starting to peddle. Do this in a smooth and consistent motion, not too fast, and with the peddles starting in the upright position. You are aiming to keep your centre of gravity still with your head fixed in one spot, and your arms stiff.

To ride out, simply transfer your weight gently back to the front of the bike.