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How To Do A WiFi Antenna Hack

How To Do A WiFi Antenna Hack

Why pay $30 for an extender antenna for your router or PC card when you can make the same thing for about a nickel? Watch the video and see for yourself. It works!

Step 1: The Thinking Behind It

I wanted to see for myself the difference between a standard wireless antenna and one of those thirty dollar add on extender antennas by prying the rubber tips off each with a small screw driver. The only difference was the length and configuration of the wire inside. All the other components were exactly the same. The only difference was the plastic molding used to hold each.

Step 2: The Preparation

Now here's how you can easily turn a regular wireless antenna into a super extender antenna with twice the range and twice the power. All it takes is some small gauge solid copper wire, a large drinking straw, and a wood screw.

Step 3: Create The Coil

Measure off two and three quarters inches of the wire and make a small bend. Starting at the bend, use the grooves of the wood screw as a template, and make seven complete loops. This forms the coil that matches that in the extender antenna. Bend the wire flush to the screw, and then remove the screw from the coil simply by twisting it.

Step 4: Create The New Antenna Form

Measure off another three quarters of an inch and clip the wire. Then strip an eighth of an inch off the end. Cut the wire off your original antenna, leaving about a quarter of an inch. Strip off about the last eighth of an inch of insulation. Now, solder this to the bottom of your new antenna form, and it is just about complete.

Step 5: Create The Base

You can buy these larger diameter drinking straws at a grocery store, or simply get one at a fast food restaurant. They are an absolutely perfect match for your original base. It fits snuggly. Using some black paint, or a black magic marker to color the straw, will give you a nice professional look.

Step 6: The Finished Product

Using only about a nickel's worth of materials you have just made your own super extender antenna. Attach your new antenna to your card, turn on your computer, and enjoy twice the range and twice the power.