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How To Do An Animal Face Painting

How To Do An Animal Face Painting

This videojug film featuring Kat Sinclair shows you step by step how to do animal face painting. She demonstrates proper brush, sponge, and blending techniques that will help you to create your very own tiger face paint.

Hello. My name is Kat Sinclair. I am a professional face painter.

I've been painting for eight years and I'm going to show you some tips, tricks, and techniques for doing your own face painting at home. I'm going to show you how to do an animal face painting, and the animal I've chosen is a tiger. We're going to start off with white paint, and put that above the eyes, going straight upwards.

Use the edge of the sponge to draw a straight line, and then brush away from it with the sponge, pressing a little bit to get into the eyebrows. Do the same on this side. You want to make sure your paint is not too wet and not too dry, and that you get a nice, smooth face for your painting.

Then we need to do the muzzle, white around the muzzle, that's where the whiskers will go. Try and make sure it is symmetrical. Because tigers are such a popular animal to do, I've got a special paint that I've made up myself, I've just cut some other paints into stripes and put them in one pot, so that it's very easy and quick to just load up the sponge with those three colors there.

Don't be afraid to cut those paints up, they just mold like putty, and you get can them into different shapes. Load three colors on the sponge, and starting from the nose with the yellow, just do that, and roll the sponge so that you've just got two colors when you get to there, and you are blending just the other into orange, and roll a bit more so that you are blending orange into UV orange at the top, nice and bright at the top and then yellow in the middle. You may need to reload after doing that.

Because it's in stripes, you just reload it the same way and don't get the colors mixed up. Squeeze your sponge to get into the eye and gently go underneath the eye and come out there, and then use the edge of the sponge to get a nice, smooth outline. As you can see, I'm using quite shiny paints for this, it makes it stand out even more on the skin, and for people with different complexions, you can make it stand out even more, if you have quite dark skin, then it will stand out very brightly.

Load it up again, and do the other side of the face. That's the base, all nice and orange. You can get a medium brush and load that up in black, so that you can start doing the stripes.

We are going to start off with the nose first, and do the tigers nose, come down onto the lip, like that. And then, for the outside of the nuzzle, just start with a point, press down a little way, and then twist and move the brush upwards to get a nice point around the side, and do the same on the other side. Push down a little way, and twist the brush, and you get a nice point coming up.

And then if you do the whiskers coming in from that. A wobbly line coming in for the whiskers. Turn your head please.

And now for the stripes. I will start from the top of the head, and do the stripes coming up from the inside of the eye, just over the eyebrow, push the brush down and twist, so you get a nice point at the top. Again, start inside the eye, coming up over the eyebrow, push the brush right down, and then twist it so that it turns into a point.

You can continue doing that, as much as you like, all over the face. And underneath the eye, sorry, three small dots. Coming out, push the brush down, twist, and then upwards.

And then three small dots, then coming down, push down with the brush, twist, and then downwards. And from the middle, come out, push down, and do one part going upwards, and from that, do another one, going downwards. And then you can do the same on the other side.

And that's how to do a tiger facepaint. .