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How To Do An Olive Oil Hair Treatment

How To Do An Olive Oil Hair Treatment

If you suffer from dry hair or a flaky scalp, follow this video for an at-home treatment using olive oil to leave you with silky smooth hair.

I'm going to show you how to do an olive oil hair treatment. Olive oil is really good, as you know, for moisturising. It's been used for centuries on skin and hair and in cooking.

Today, what we are going to do is use it on hair that's been through the mills. This hair has been backcombed, teased and curled. If your hair has been through a lot after the weekend, usually with a lot of product and stuff, it's a good idea to give it a treatment just to help it repair itself.

I'm just using plain olive oil that you get, that you have in the kitchen, probably about 200 ml. You can judge, it depends on the thickness and the length of your hair. This is best done maybe in the bathroom or if you're in another room in the house, just pop a towel over you.

Starting with dry hair, just kind of section it off and then using the olive oil, get a good blob of olive oil on your hand and then, run it through the lengths of your hair. You can already feel it being so absorbed by the hair. This is great if your hair is kind of dry, or if you're suffering from a bit of a dry scalp, the olive oil is brilliant because unlike the anti-dandruff shampoos and stuff like that, that has lots of chemicals in it, the olive oil is completely natural.

If you really moisturise it into the scalp, you'll get the blood circulation going, so it will be good for hair growth and again, for any flakes that might be hanging around. Continue doing this throughout the hair, concentrating on the scalp, really rubbing the oil into the scalp and then, working it down the lengths of the hair and making sure that the tips of the hair that are usually the driest bits are completely coated. So, once you have your hair completely coated and you've given your scalp a good massage, you can just pull the hair back into a ponytail and then wrap the hair around itself into a bun and secure it with a bobbin so it's out of the way.

You can leave this in your hair for up to an hour, maybe even two hours, but if you're pressed for time, twenty minutes will do fine. One thing I will say, when you're rinsing it out in the shower, be very careful because when the oil starts to run out, it can make the shower very slippery. After this has been in for about twenty minutes, rinse it out in the shower or over the sink and shampoo at least twice, just to ensure that all of the oil is removed from the scalp because sometimes, it can be hard to get it out from around your temples.

Condition as normal and style as normal, and your hair should be really, really silky afterwards. That is how you do a hair oil treatment.