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How To Do Arabic Henna Designs

How To Do Arabic Henna Designs

Arabic henna design is a very unique art form. This video demonstrates a few tips and techniques you can implement in creating your own personal Arabic henna designs.

Hi, my name is Renna. I am from nailcreations.com.

This is Krianka and Krishma and today we are going to show you how to create henna designs. Today we would like to show you how to choose and how to do Arabic design. We are going to work on the back of the hand.

Arabic design is very bold and solid with a lot of parallel lines. So, we are going to start and show you how to create this. It is very important to keep the designs very spacious with big flowers.

Arabic design is very contemporary and very bold. The best way to select Arabic design is by viewing people's work and creating and adding your own twist to it. It is very important that once you create your Arabic design to repeat it three or four times all the way up to the fingers starting off with the biggest flower and working your way, smaller, smaller all the way to the top.

With Arabic design, it is very much about shading and using a lot of very big bold patterns. It is very hard to master the shading. The more you practice the better it will be.

That's how you create Arabic design.