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How To Do Back Stitch

How To Do Back Stitch

This video shows a very brief and accurate way to do a back stitch. It explains the distance you put the needle and come up to make one back stitch, then at the end, how to cut it after making a knot without doing a loop.

Hi! My name is Aliza from Seam So Easy, www.seamsoeasy.com.

I have been sewing for fifteen years and today I am going to show you some stitches. So, a back stitch is a very heavy stitch, coming up the thread, go back on yourself, come up with to form your stitch. Pull your thread through, go down to that stitch, and come out.

It's probably one of the tedious stitches there is. Reason for that, we'll show you in a minute, is when you turn the thread around, you realize it, you actually gone over yourself, double the margin of thread that you would generally use because you are going back. And you would use this stitch for various purposes including hemming inside jeans.

Pull it as hard for your stitch. We finish it off. Turn it over, double stitch, turn the thread around it, pull it up and tighten it.

That's your back stitch. .