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How To Do Bas Rutten's Figure 4 Lock

How To Do Bas Rutten's Figure 4 Lock

Mixed martial arts legend Bas Rutten shows VideoJug users a lesson in mixed martial arts. This time, learn how to force your opponent to submit with a figure 4 lock.

Step 1: Press Chest

From the modified scarf hold position, lay down on his chest, on his belly and preferably with your butt off the ground so your whole body weight is on his belly.

Step 2: Pound Face

Start hitting him, and he will defend it.

Step 3: Grab Wrists

When he puts up his hands to defend himself, grab his wrist, right away. Now shoot underneath his arm and grab your own wrist with your other hand.

Step 4: Switch & Finish

Once you have that, switch your legs so your body is fully lying on top of him. Now put your left elbow to the side of his head, and finish him by pressing your elbow to the mat.