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How To Do Bas Rutten's Triangle Choke

How To Do Bas Rutten's Triangle Choke

Mixed martial arts legend Bas Rutten gives a lesson in mixed martial arts. Learn how to perform a triangle choke that will force your opponent to tap out.

Step 1: Grab Wrist

With the opponent in your guard, grab his wrist.

Step 2: Head Push

Grab the top of his head and push his own wrist into his neck.

Step 3: Open Your Guard

Now open your guard.

Step 4: Leg Over Neck

Lift your leg over his shoulder, and lay it on his shoulder with your leg across his shoulders.

Step 5: Foot Catch

Lift your other leg over the foot of the leg that's on his shoulder, catching your foot, behind the knee.

Step 6: Push Up

Now push your hips up and bring his arm to the side.

Step 7: Flex And Finish

Flex your muscles, he's probably going to tap. If he doesn't tap, you grab the top of his head, and you pull it. Push your hips forward and now he's going to tap for submission.