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How To Do Basting Stitch

How To Do Basting Stitch

Basting stitch is just a temporary stitch but may be the best way to start out what your sewing would look like.

Hi, my name's Aliza from Seam So Easy, www.seamsoeasy.com.

I've been sewing for 15 years and today, I'm going to show you some tricks. Sewing straight up from red threads, you can see the difference, a regular stitch and a basting stitch, so thread your machine and replace the foot with our regular sewing foot, okay. A basting stitch is generally used to hold something together until you've either worked on it and finished or you want to see what it's going to look like, so putting two things together, putting two pieces of fabric together and sewing.

So you're going to either slit it or you're going, you just want to see what it's going to look like. Okay, so on a straight stitch, this is the stitch lens. We're going as far down as possible on that and keeping our tension at three, foot down, needle down where you want it to go.

Okay. So that's quite, it's a long stitch but it's not as long as it can be. I'm going to show you the longest that my machine will do.

You also notice that it's a very loose stitch, you can see that over there. And the reason is because a basting stitch is not generally used for sewing things together. It's a temporary stitch.

If you were sewing a straight stitch, a straight stitch to actually attach something, you would use either between a two or a three depending on your project and that stitch would look like this. It would look like that so you could see the difference between the two stitches. .