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How To Do Beauty Pageant Hairstyles

How To Do Beauty Pageant Hairstyles

A former beauty queen talks about pageant hairstyles that would impress the judges and the viewers.

Hi, I am Liz Fuller and I'm the new boss at Miss Great Britain and a winner from 1997. For the last 13 years, I have been working as a TV producer on I TV and channel 5. Today, I am going to give you an advice on the beauty pageant world.

How to do beauty pageant hair styles. Okay, so only when you come to region heat, it's going to be a small stage with probably less judges, 3 or 4 judges maybe .What you may need to do is to turn up your hair curls with your hair curlers and I always love seeing the girls do that because firstly it tells me you don't mind looking silly, you don't take it up too seriously, you are losing heart to them but at the same time, you are very professional, you are making an effort and you show us that you want to win.

Now on the stage of smaller heat region, what you need to do is obviously have loose flowing hair, maybe big curls or keeping it up very straight. Now with hair, what we don't like is what so many girls have black braid with terrible roots. Sometimes, they have too much mousse and hairsprays so those would be crinkling and makes it not separating and un-flowing.

What I don't like is slit back with a fake ponytail because you have to remember the beauty pageant will have beauty companies involving sponsoring. Say for instance, if I'm looking for a beauty company like Ceutem behind us. We really want to know what is natural about that girl, how could we work with her, so when your hair is done, we can say that your hair is the best.

We can highlight your hair with pieces, darken it or lighten it, you know, we can really bring out the best in it. So in the regional heat, remember it should be very soft and glamorous hair at the same time at the smaller stage. But when you come on the national finals, you should know the hair done but do remember it's the bigger stage, there should be lot more shine in your hair.

You may need even bigger, you may definitely mean to clip in more pieces just to give more body and bounce, and so move your hair. So think about one when it comes to the final, you may think about your makeup, your clothes must compliment your hair at the same time or the other way round. When you meet the judges in your pre-judging, you should put your hair and wear little bit more natural pieces so when you are on stage, you should be more bold, so think about you.

There is only a certain time you could do it. It could also be the night before or sponsors party, your friends and family would be there, maybe you want to look more elegant and glamorous, then show the big hair and that way, you show the different styles to your judges as well. So good luck. .