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How To Do Beauty Pageant Pictures

How To Do Beauty Pageant Pictures

The do's and don'ts at a Beauty Pageant and how to get the best out of just following the rules and being polite.

Hi, I'm Liz Fuller and I'm the new boss at Miss Great Britain and a previous winner from 1997, and for the last 13 years, I have been working as a TV presenter and a producer on eye TV and channel 5. Today though, I'm going to be giving you advice on the Beauty Pageant world. How to do your Beauty Pageant picture or photograph, okay, this is quite a funny one.

Firstly when I jointly owned Miss Great Britain back in 2005 and 2006, we used to get girls entering the Beauty Pageant because it was half owned by a man company. We would get photos of girls where you were lying on your bed in lingerie. And I can tell you that most of the time I would bend them.

Let me firstly give you a bit of advice it doesn't matter who owns the Beauty Pageant, the person that opens the mail will probably be the secretary if it's not run by a woman, so do not send raunchy lingerie photos, it's a big no. What we're looking for is a girl that is a fresh new talent. Now, I would love everyday just to see photos of girls that is snap shots where you got your head and shoulders in that picture, it could just be outside real nice green grass behind you so you got that green color and it looks fresh and appealing.

We get loads of photos that are sent to us and sometimes your photos are black and white and quite dark, if you're going to a Beauty Pageant, don't send black and white photos, it doesn't really do any thing for you. We want to see the color of your eyes, we want to see the color of your hair maybe your beautiful bright summery top, we want you to stand out, so try and get a perfect head and shoulder shot that's colorful with a lovely smile. We also get loads of photos where girls don't smile and for me, I just think that's a bit more editorial mostly and so all photos are more about the charisma, smile and the sparkle in your eyes, also don't send us photos where you tend to be lying down your full length because that's a big no-no as well.

We don't really want to be showing photos on say the Miss Great Britain website where it's the wrong composition, we would rather all the photos be standard vertical where, of course, we see easily full length, we see easily a head shot, we also don't want to be bombarded with photos, our inbox can crash if you send us too many photos. Now the other piece of advice is, I get really angry with a lot of entrances who will enter a Beauty Pageant and you read how to upload a photo and it says "each photo must not be bigger then 2 MB" please be courteous and understand that we have bought and paid for web space which means if you try and upload a photo that is too big, you may crash our website or our email inbox, so please just read what is asked of you, it's always about reading the literature and in between the lines. So, 2 photos under 2 MB, each beautiful headshot and a beautiful full length and once you build your profile on our website, you have the option if you want to upload more.

If it is a photo heat, don't just rely on your 2 photos. You need to look at all the other girls that have entered that heat and if they have extra photos up, put some more up as well, make sure also where you enter with us, it's not just about your photo, it's about your aspirations, it's about who you are that by log is just as important as your photo. So, make sure you get your photos that way.

When you come to the national final, you will each have time with our photographer to get a great picture, always be polite never be a diva because we will notice and we will prejudge you on that as well. Okay, good luck. .