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How To Do Beginner Bmx Tricks

How To Do Beginner Bmx Tricks

learn how to do beginner BMX tricks. Start buildnig your bike skills. This video highlights simple tricks that you can learn to help you start improve your bike skills. Watch now and learn.

Well, we're going to start to look at beginner BMX tricks. When you're starting out obviously they're certain thing you need to know before you attempt s to do any tricks. That there's a basic move, obviously you've got your like wheelies, you've got your bunny hops, you've got your endos, your back hops , your front hops.

Now they're kind of like your really basic moves but there very important that you learned this tricks because they would help you in the future for harder tricks. It will give you balance, points that you would need and also it gets you in good stead to hit the bigger tricks. Now before you even start your basic tricks you need to know certain things, stances for example on the bike, you need to role engine your bike quite comfortable specially using your stump pegs.

The stump pegs are very important because you're going to do flat lands, I'd say virtually every tick, there's one or two that you don't used your pegs but most of them you'd find that you'd be using your pegs. So always make sure that nice and tight, you grip tape is okay, you've got plenty of grip and your brakes well working and what would you need to do, is you need to learn a couple of stunts. Now these stunts are very important for setting up in virtually most tricks.

Now the first one is going to be to ride along literally with both feet on the back pegs. If you'd be doing a lot of back wheel tricks, you'd find a lot of people will start like that. So basically you need to ride your bike normally, transfer your body weight on to the back pegs and stand up comfortable and let the bike roll, you can maneuver the bike by actually pumping it, get really used to be in this position because it's very important and to get out of it, you just step back in to the pedal and ride away.

The next important position in the bike you're going to need to learn; now this one is very important it's the step over. Now you're going to be rolling on your side pegs but you'd be rolling on the font and the back. So to achieve this move you'd need to ride along normally and you need to bring your right leg or your left leg depending on which side of the bike you going to be on over the back seat.

So you going to stand up put your pedal down take the slick of and laterally bring it around at the back of the bicycle and put it on that back peg and back over the top tube to ride away. You can simplify it, you can either go through the back or you can go through to the top, it's the same thing ultimately you just want to get to that position. Once you master that you need to think about bringing your leg that on the pedal on through the front peg.

Now this is very important because a lot of trick in flatlands involve you turning into tricks. So to do that you going to need this foot to push off the back peg and this foot on the front peg to give you the momentum to swing around to get into most mundane flatland tricks or virtually any tricks really. So do the back bit first when you're comfortable with that stand on it and move your foot that's on the pedal on to the front peg.

Now it would be funny on first but once you done it keep your weight in the middle and everything is straight. Again you can always pump yourself along by just turning and using your body weight and a when you're ready to get out of it and get back to the pedal step back across and ride away. And those are the two basic stunts that you'd need to start riding BMX flatland.