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How To Do Bike Stunts

How To Do Bike Stunts

Learn how to do bike stunts and with this video. The trick in this video is great to watch and fun to do. It's a trick that you must have in your bag.Try it!

Right, we're going to look at how to do bike stunts in general. Not just BMX, we're talking about stuff that can be done on a mountain bike or a road bike, or even a racer. Now, these tricks, one is called a tic tac and one is called a rock walk.

They are pretty much fundamentals and basics but they are really fun to do. The tic tac especially is something that can be done by a mountain biker, road bike users or even someone on a racer, usually you will see that happening when you are standing at a traffic light and they are waiting to go but they are too lazy to put their feet on the ground or their feet are actually hooked to the pedals. You might find some of the hooks that come over so the foot doesn't come out of them; the guys that have that are usually professional cyclists.

You will see them come up to the lights, they will break and instead of putting their feet down and waiting they will start giving it a little bit of a hop. They will hop around using their balance. Just apply both brakes, you bounce on your pedals and if you feel your falling one way, go the other way.

You can take it to a stop or a standstill; you can move around in a circle, you can go back and forth. It's just a way of keeping yourself going without putting your feet down and when you are ready you just ride away. Now the next one that I'm going to show you is the rock walks.

It's essentially a BMX trick but it's one of those tricks that can be done on any sort of bicycle and now you see a lot of guys doing it on road bikes, you see them doing it on mountain bikes as well as BMX's. Now rock walk is a series of 2 180's. it's a front wheel 180, coming round to your back wheel, so you're going to ride along and you're going to pre-load your body and you're going to twist when you are standing on the pedals, apply the front brake into an endo but at the same time turn and as you twist you're going to shift your hips around so the back of the bike spins and it's going to come down to the opposite direction but you're going to do it in such a way that you're going to have momentum to lift your back up and come around another 180.

Now to achieve this trick you need to preload, now pre load is important. You want to point your bike to the direction you want to go in. s your back wheel is going to go out to the right hand side which is what mine will do, you want to slightly turn into the trick so you want to turn your wheel kind of in that angle before you actually apply the brake.

What that will do is that will give you the head start to getting your back end around and to that it's in your shoulders. As you put the brake on, you're going to do that as if you're going to look over your shoulder a little bit and so that momentum with the brake on should bring the back around and with your hips swinging it will ultimately just come around. Eventually it will come around a full 180, at first just do 45 degrees, 90 degrees and after that when you are used to doing it you will end up coming around 180 and landing your back wheel which will pivot in the same way you did at the front but obviously in the opposite direction.

So I will try to do a demonstration of that for you now. Preload, bend your legs slightly, turn into the trick, brake on, and turn around. So, if you could just learn that bit as your first bit, and then your second bit essentially is that.

Now you will get the momentum the momentum to do that bit from doing the first bit. It's all about the swing. As soon as you land, you will land on your back wheel, you will put your back brake on and the momentum will let you swing and then you try to open the trick.

And that's some basic bike stunts that can be done on any bike.