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How To Do Blackwork Cross Stitch

How To Do Blackwork Cross Stitch

Sew Over It's Lisa Comfort offers viewers a simple clear tutorial on how to achieve a perfect blackwork cross stitch for new or novice needlework enthusiasts using basic running stitches.

Blackwork cross stitch is essentially cross stitch but using black floss, so you get a very striking design. You use a double running stitch or back stitch to outline your design and then geometric fill-in patterns like these to give texture to your design. So what I'm going to show you is how to do the double running stitch to outline your design and we're going to use this simple zigzag geometric fill-in stitch.

So for your outline, you'll need to take some embroidery floss and we're using two strands. I'm just going to do a simple square. Nice, and come up.

Hold on to your thread at the back, we're going to move that backwards and forward so we don't tie a knot, we weave that in and out of our stitching and then go back down like that. So if you notice, I'm leaving a space in between each stitch since this is essentially just like a regular running stitch. What we're going to do at the end is go back and fill in those spaces.

So, what I've done is a running stitch around my square shape, and now, I'm going to go back and fill in the spaces. So, this is like a back stitch, but it tends to be a lot neater than a back stitch, using the same holes, in and out with my original stitches and that's my outline. So, this is my outline.

Now, we're going to do the zigzag fill-in stitch. For your fill-in stitch, you might want to take less thread so that your outline is more striking than your fill. So I'm just going to use a single strand and I'm going to stitch diagonally across.

Then I'm going to miss the next stitch. Then, like before, I'm going to go back and fill in those holes so that it makes the zigzag design. Just to show you that again, like that, then across diagonally, like that.

Then across diagonally and then go back and turn it into a zigzag. There are all sorts of fill-in designs that you can do and they're based on this running stitch that you can see here, and there's three, and see it starts to build up. This is another very simple stitch.

All it's done with is little running stitches and then back, filling it in to create the cable chain. And that's an introduction to blackwork cross stitching. .