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How To Do Blackwork Embroidery

How To Do Blackwork Embroidery

This kind of embroidery utilizes a black thread and iron on transfers. Watch this presentation to get an idea of blackwork embroidery.

I'm now going to teach you how to do blackwork embroidery. This is essentially black thread with floss on a white background to give very striking results. Here, I've got just a simple outline.

You can also do cross stitch blackwork in embroidery to fill in you design and you would work on a different fabric. But today, I'm just going to show you how to do a simple outline in blackwork. So, I have put a design onto my fabric using an iron on transfer and iron that on so I have a design to work around.

I could have also designed my own and drawn it on pencil and then I'm just going to do a backstitch to outline my design. So, I'm going to start at the bottom of my leaf coming up. Now, you can do much smaller stitches in this.

You wouldn't want to do much bigger as it will then start to look untidy and you simply go all the way around your design and fill in that line there in the same stitch. To finish off, if your fabric is quite thin, you don't want to see any tails. So if you weave your thread back through some stitches, three or four stitches, and then you cut this off.

If your fabric is quite thick, you could finish with a knot although it is the cheat method. You want to make sure that it will not sit right against your fabric. So tie your knot into your floss, put your needle in and then tighten the knot down to the needle, pull the needle out, tighten it further, and there you have your knot sitting against the fabric.

And that's an introduction to blackwork embroidery. .