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How To Do Brick Stitch

How To Do Brick Stitch

This VideoJug instructional video instructs you how to sew a brick stitch. If you're interested in learning this sewing technique, this video is the perfect tool.

I'm now going to show you how to do a brick stitch. A brick stitch is also used as a fill stitch. It can be used with quite thick thread so that you get a denser, solid effect.

It's essentially made up of long stitches that are stitched in rows. So, I've drawn some lines here to help me know, to guide me when I'm sewing. I'm also spacing my brick stitch out quite a lot so you can see exactly what I'm doing.

So, I'm doing a nice running stitch. A nice big straight stitch almost. Just in and out, moving along from left to right, then, I'm going to go back and this time I'm pulling half-way down from my first stitch and I'm going to do exactly the same.

Going in between the first stitch and starting halfway down. So, this when you stitch it you want to stitch them nice and close together so that they became opaque so that you can't see the cross in between the stitches along the middle there. My second row and now I'm going to go down and do my next row starting at the bottom of the first stitch that we did.

This, again you can do it any size you want. Sew down the length of stitches that you want. Thick thread makes it much easier to create a block of color.

So, use thick thread otherwise you'll be there until the next century doing this. And that is a brick stitch. So, if I was doing that, again I would do it a lot closer together so that they were all sitting right next to each other.

You can of course do it like this if you wanted to. But, obviously you'd see the cloth through. It's completely up to you what you're aiming to achieve.

And that is a Brick Stitch. .