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How To Do Bridal Hairstyles

How To Do Bridal Hairstyles

Have you always wondered how you can create hairstyles like the ones your stylist would create in a salon? Learn how to make two simple bridal or formal occasion hairdo's in this video, with the normal accessories you have at home. Simple and very creative!

In this video, I will show you how to do a couple of bridal hairstyles. We break out the hair using tongs, so the ends are slightly curly and the rest of the hair straight. Brush the hair through and put a ponytail at the crown, which is right here.

Take a section from the bottom of the ponytail and keep the rest of the hair away. Instead of wrapping the hair tightly around, we will create looser hair band, using curvy grips. Keep them slightly away from the hair band and cross them up.

Using two curvy grips, you make a cross so they won't slide down. Wrap the hair around. Taking another section from underneath, we will create the same effect from the other side.

For simpler effect, we use hair accessories which we would just pin inside of the hairstyle. Make sure that the flowers would be facing out and that way, we will secure the style as well. Just gently slide them in.

This style is ideal for wedding, for bride's maids, even for proms or any special occasion. And now, I will show you another bridal hairstyle. We will comb the hair on the side, creating side ponytail.

Brush your hair thoroughly; make sure you take all the knots out. Secure the hair on one side, using a hair band. As you approach to the last loop of the hair band, don't take the hair all the way through, like this, keep them in a loop.

Position ends on the top, and put them in the position of a fan. Alternatively, you can make this style more formal. Pin this section up and using curvy grips, spread this around securing it on the sides.

You can use small hair accessories which will pin into the hair, depends on the occasion. We would like to add a bit of sparkle and glamour to the style. With the end, make them stiffer with the hair spray.

Comb this section slightly; that way, they will stand up easier. Using a hair spray, spraying each section, and try to position it the way you wanted it to be in the final look. Add a few more accessories to finish it off.

I am using pins again to accessorize the top half of the style which we've just backcombed and sprayed with the hair spray. And now, I am just adding the finishing touches for the hairstyle for the evening out. And this is how we create bridal hairstyles. .