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How To Do Butterfly Makeup

How To Do Butterfly Makeup

Painting faces is a form of art that needs some skill! This video with Juliet Eve of Facade Academy (www.facadeacademy.co.uk) will teach you how to do butterfly make-up using those skills.

So, today, what I'm going to do is show you how to do a butterfly makeup. I've got Millie here to help me this morning. And what I tend to do is blend several colors on the sponge at one time, which I think makes it much quicker.

So, I'll blend some colors on festival, and then outline with a stronger contrasting color. Just gently close your eyes. Pinch the sponge and go into the corner, and then, because you've got all the colors there at once, you could just roll the sponge up so all the colors come out at once.

Same on this side, put the green in the corner of the eye, yellow and out into orange. She's got lovely brown eyes. So, these colors always look good, I think.

Alright, close your eyes gently. Good. Tap just a few colors.

So, this just gets the basic shape of the butterfly, which is one of the most popular faces, probably. Keep your eyes open, look up to the ceiling slightly and then, we'll do a little bit just underneath there. And again, look up to the ceiling.

So, always put the corner of the sponge. Now, we are there. That's very well balanced.

Don't worry if that's not perfect. And then, what we then do is get a stronger contrasting color. I think I'll try dark red.

That goes well with all these. It would be the next one out on the color wheel. And now, I try and when you are doing butterflies, do try and make the lines radiate out from the face.

It's that simple thing because that is what's attractive to the human. That's one of the reasons things like Spiderman faces are so attractive. It's because the lines radiate out, and we want the thicker lines towards the outside, dragging, pulling, a light touch, and then a thin one and a thicker one and so.

It's varying strokes. So, when we put dots on, it's just almost a touchdown, and if you can try and vary the size of them, some teeny weeny ones and some bigger ones, I think we're just missing something here, so I'm going to get a bit of dark green because green and red are the complimentary colors. They're opposite each other on the color wheel.

They look good and they're sort of a very sharp contrast from each other. So, put a few like this. These are little teardrop shapes.

It's just a matter of laying your brush. This is called glitzer. It's a glitter gel, and I always test a little bit on the back of my hand first, and it dries in about five minutes.

And, it really sets off something like a butterfly. And there we are! That's the butterfly makeup. .