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How To Do Cake Rosette Piping

How To Do Cake Rosette Piping

You can make your freshly baked cupcakes look even more delicious and appetizing than they already are, by decorating the top with a technique called Rosette Piping. In this Videojug guide Annabelle, from Confection Perfection, will show you how easy it is to give your cupcakes the most beautiful, professional look.


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  • Frosting


Put your frosting in a piping bag, with your selected nozzle in the end. Make sure you hold the bag upright. Be sure to start decorating on the outside of your cake, working in all the time.

Squeeze at the top of the bag. It is very important to keep a nice, even pressure when decorating your cakes!

When you have finished a certain part of your icing, stop squeezing, and lift the bag away to avoid making a mess.