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How To Do Calligraphy Flourishes

How To Do Calligraphy Flourishes

Learn how to write beautiful calligraphy flourishes with Paul Antonio in this three-minute tutorial. With these simple tips, combined with enough practice, you will be well on your way to mastering the art of fancy lettering.

How to do calligraphy decoration? For this video, I am actually going to look at how to do decorative flourishing for calligraphy. I will focus on using a point nib, and I'm using a Hiro-Leonardt EF Principle. There are quite a few ways to do decorative flourishing off of calligraphy.

You can actually start with the calligraphy itself and build the decoration off the ascenders or descenders. Notice I've changed my pen hold. And this type of flourishing that I'm working with here is called off hand pen flourishing which is very typical of flourishing in nineteenth century America.

So, I'm adding some very delicate lines and again, you do need to be careful of picking up little bits of lint in the paper because you are applying so much pressure and so much pressure and ink liquid to the surface, so it's very easy for the paper to become weakened. Fortunately, this wonderful paper by GF Smith which is called Colorplan is extremely stable and very good for this kind of thing. So I've done, essentially, some very delicate lettering and what I want to do is I want to hatch some line work in and then put a little acountis leaf curl just there and hatch that in as well.

This type of decoration is only part of a greater family of which bird flourishes and quill flourishes exist. You can also add lots of other little things to make these seem like leaves and of course, the way to this and to do it properly is to spend a fair amount of time with your tools, testing them to see what they can actually do, or rather, what you can make them do. And that is how to do decoration for calligraphy. .