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How To Do Cat Eye Make Up

How To Do Cat Eye Make Up

Makeup artist Livie shares her tips, tricks, makeup products, and a full step-by-step tutorial on how to create a cat-eye makeup look for everyday or a special night out.

Today, I'll be showing you how to do cat eye makeup. Now, when you say cat eye makeup, people generally think you mean that classic winged out eyeliner and that's exactly what I'm going to be showing you how to achieve today. So, you're only going to need two things.

You'll be needing some liquid eyeliner. I'm using this one here, it's called Flirty Flick and it's actually by a brand called Look Beauty. A pretty new brand in the UK but I really, really like this liner.

It's a really, really good handle, very easy to manoeuvre and the actual product itself is really, really opaque so a really great product to work with. And you're going to need some kind of angle brush. I'm using a MAC 266 which is nice and long for an angle brush and very, very thin.

And that's how you're going to get that really fine point. Now, I've got my basic eye makeup on already. I've a nice eyeshadow base and I've done my mascara.

It's actually easier to do your eyeliner after you've done everything because you don't have to worry about ruining your eyeliner with curling your eyelashes and then doing your mascara. Kind of do it last if you can. Make sure you are up nice and close.

You don't want to have too much product on the applicator. And just start from the middle and pull outwards. For a start, you want to begin on your natural lash line.

And what I mean by that is you want to get as close to your eyelashes as possible. Now, I've got a basic eyeliner line done. All I'm going to do is start to thicken it on the outside.

And start to pull it a little bit upwards and outwards and I'm going to create a wing and by that I literally mean pulling it up into a little point, sort of diagonally away from the corner of my eye. And then, get your angle brush and get a tiny bit of the product on the very, very edge and just use that to sort of create the little point on the wing. And then, if you need to go in and fill in any gaps, you can do that.

Or you could pull the edge out as far as you'd like. But bear in mind, that the further you pull it out, the more exaggerated it's going to look. If you want to be able to wear this as an everyday look, just keep it nice and small, and nice and sharp on the edges, for a really clean look.

So, I've just finished doing the liner on the other eye. Do bear in mind that because your face isn't symmetrical and neither eye matches the other perfectly, you're not going to be able to get your eyeliner to look exactly the same on both eyes. So, try and get them to look similar and as similar as you can, and try to work them at a similar angle, but if it doesn't look the same, don't freak out.

And just to give it some feline smokiness, I'm going to add a little bit of black shadow on with my angle brush, a tiny, little bit. The one I'm using is Smoking Hot by Too Faced - it is from their Smokey Eye Palette. It looks like that.

I'm just going to put a tiny bit on my angle brush. And working in line with the line I've already created, I'm just going to extend it a little and just pull a little bit of that above and a little below. And this is only going to enhance it slightly and just give it a little bit more of a smoky effect.

Yes, that looks good. I'm enjoying that. The good thing about this eyeliner is that it's shiny and it still makes it look like the liner is wet even though it is completely bone dry but it's just got this amazing little shine on it.

So, it kind of gives you the wet look and that's quite nice. And that's how you do cat eye makeup. Do remember you can make it as exaggerated as you want - you know you can really bring the line out and up.

But it's completely up to you depending on your eye shape. Don't make it look too far out if you're going for an everyday look, but if you're going all out on a night out then feel free to just drag the line out. .