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How To Do Cat Face Painting

How To Do Cat Face Painting

Kat Sinclair, a professional face painter, shows you how to do a cat face painting. With the easy to follow instructions, you cannot go wrong with this party or costume design.

Hello, my name is Kat Sinclair. I am a professional face painter, I have been painting for eight years. I am going to show you some tricks, tips, and techniques for doing your own face painting at home.

I am going to show you how to do a cat face painting. First of all, we need to do the cat's muzzle which we go down the middle of the face in white, and come out around the lip. That would make the space look good.

And make sure it is nice and even. Dab it. Okay, so that is the muzzle.

Now I am going to show you how to double load the sponge with two different colors of paint. I am going to load up with dark pink on one side of the sponge, and then light pink on the other side of the sponge. We have one sponge with two colors on it.

We need to put white on above of the eyes. You need to make a triangle with this. Using the pink sponge, dot some of the dark pink above the cat ears.

Turn the sponge until the light pink is on the side of the face and squeeze the sponge so you can get the corner of the eye. As you are putting the paint on, the two colors blend together, so that you have a nice gradation from the dark pink to the light pink from the side of the face. Then turn the face; we are doing the same on the other side.

We need to add some detail on the face, so get a nice, thin brush. Soak it up in water. Get the black paint, then load up the brush.

I circle the brush because it protects the bristles. If you do it in line with the brush, or if you brush it side by side, the bristles will get broken. The brushes are very expensive, so you need them to last as long as possible.

Once you loaded the brush, you do some detail on the face, starting off with the nose. You might need to keep your black paint in hand, as you might need to go back and forth with it. Come thick to thin, twisting between your fingers on the side of the nose.

Do the same on the other side. As you are coming up with the brush, twist with your fingers to create the thin line. Now you come down and you twist with your fingers.

Now, do the same on the other side. We will do some furry effect around the side of the edges of the cat. Do short strokes that make it seem a little furry.

If you want, you can also do a very simple cat eyeliner, picking up in the end. This is how you do a cat face paint. .