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How To Do Chain Stitch

How To Do Chain Stitch

Informative video by Catherine Hirst demonstrating how to produce a crochet chain stitch; this is a very fundamental crochet technique which can be used to produce many different craft items.

Making a chain or foundation chain is the beginning of any crochet project. I am going to show you how to make your chain to start your crochet. You're going to hold the hook in your dominant hand.

So if you're left-handed, you hold it in your left hand; if you're right-handed, you hold it in your right hand. With your non-dominant hand, you need to do two things. You need to tension the yarn and hold the work which, right now, is just the knot.

So we're going to begin by tensioning the yarn. You take your little finger and you're going to put it behind your active yarn. You're going to wrap all the way around your little finger.

You're going to lay the yarn on the palm side of the ring finger, and over top of both the index finger and the middle finger. Then you can turn your hand and grasp that knot with your index finger and thumb. You can then lift up your middle finger so that you have a bit of tension yarn here, and then these three fingers control how fast the yarn comes through your fingers.

We're now going to make a foundation chain. We are going to begin by pushing the hook forward and ducking it under the piece of yarn that we have tensioned, so it swings under from front to back. We then need to turn the tip of the hook so that it's facing the floor, and then pull it straight through the loop that's on the hook.

Do that again. I'm going to push the hook forward, swing it under the yarn, turn the hook so that it's facing the floor, and pull through the loop that's on the hook. You need to continually move your right or left index fingers up that chain so that you're always holding right underneath the loop that's on the hook.

That gives you the most control. So push forward under the yarn, turn the hook, and pull through the loop. Push forward, under, turn and pull through.

Forward, under the yarn, turn and pull through. I'm just going to make a few more chains, and as you get the hang of this, you can do it a little faster. But take your time when you first start crocheting.

It feels very uncomfortable because you're using your non-dominant hand to do things that it doesn't normally do. So it's natural that it should feel weird in the hand at first - it just takes practice. Okay, once you've got a length of chain, and your pattern will tell you how many chains you need, it will say chain ten or chain a hundred and fifty, or however many you need to start with, you can then have a look at your chain.

Now, the active loop, which is the loop that's actually on the hook, that never counts as a chain, or a stitch, and the knot at the bottom that you started with, that never counts as a chain. In between, you've got this series of V's. Okay? You've got V's on one side, and then bumps on the other side.

The side with the V's is the front of your chain. And that's how to make a foundation chain! .