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How To Do Chakra Meditation

How To Do Chakra Meditation

If you do Chakra meditation, you will have that 'feel good' factor in you. You also can heal some problems if you have any, around the abdomen area and around your spine.

Hi. My name is Sunita Passi and I'm from a company called Tri-dosha. We're specialists in training in Ayurvedic Therapy and also meditation and we supply products and treatments to some luxury spas around the world.

There are many ways to meditate and I'm her today to talk to you about a few of the different meditation techniques that you can bring into your life in order to feel happier and healthier. Chakra meditation is an ancient eastern type of meditation technique. Chakra is actually a Sanskrit word which is the old language of India and Chakra means 'spinning energy' or 'spinning disc'.

This is energy that actually circulates around our spine. By meditating on your Chakras, you're able to actually move energy, which we call 'prana' from an Indian prospective and by doing so, you're able to heal specific things. I'm going to tell you about meditating on your navel Chakra today, which is located in the abdomen.

This Chakra is associated with the acts of giving and receiving and so by meditating on this particular area, you're able to heal any kind of wound or any kind of problem that you might have in that specific area. By focusing on this specific Chakra, fans of this type of meditation, actually say that they feel that they're more generous, they're more loving, they're more compassionate, they're more considerate, through meditating on this area for longer periods of time. The technique that you choose is very very simple.

You simply start with your eyes closed, sitting comfortably in a chair, three deep breaths in order to relax your body and then actually start to focus yourself on your abdomen and particularly the spine which is linked to your abdomen. By focusing on this area, and actually imagining that the energy around that area is starting to move in a free-flowing way, you start to heighten awareness around that area. And this is a really powerful technique in order to increase creativity and selflessness.

That's my talk on Chakra meditation and I look forward to telling you about other meditations. .