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How To Do Cheerleaders' Hair Styles

How To Do Cheerleaders' Hair Styles

Cheerleaders are one of the great archetypes in American popular TV and movie culture of the late 20th century. Whether as heroine or villain, now you can get the look with Lisa Hodges, master hair designer at Addiction Hair Salon.

You Will Need

  • 1 hair brush
  • hair spray
  • hair bands
  • hair grips
  • heat protection spray
  • hair straighteners
  • 1 pin comb
  • 1 hair doughnut
  • 1 hair net

Top Tips

  • For the high ponytail, make sure you gather as much hair as you can, giving it a light spray with hair spray as you brush it back.
  • Wrap a section of hair around the hair band, securing it with a grip, so the hair band doesn't show.
  • You can add accessories such as a flower to go with your outfit.