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How To Do Cheerleading Hairstyles

How To Do Cheerleading Hairstyles

A professional hairstylist walks viewers through how to get a cute, perky ponytail hairstyle, like a cheerleader. It's a neat and attractive look.

I'm going to show you how to create a cheerleading hairstyle. So, today, how we're going to start, we're going to start with a high ponytail and then we're going to curl the ponytail, just to give it a bit of movement, so, kind of like Sandy Dee from Grease or a Glee-type look. So, we're going to start by pulling the hair back into a high ponytail.

So, if you have fringe or bangs, you can leave them down, but we're going to incorporate this into the look today. So, we're going to pull all the hair back off the face. As I said, if you have fringe or bangs, it's a good idea to clip them back early, just so you can concentrate on pulling the rest of the hair back into the ponytail.

Using a brush, just brush the rest of the hair upwards into a very sleek and very high ponytail. Using a bobbin, preferably the same colour as your hair, just wrap it around the ponytail, quite tight as well. There, it's nicely secured.

So, we're just going to wrap the entire ponytail around the barrel of the curling iron and hold it in place for a couple of seconds. Once you've finished, just remove the curling tongs and the hair should be in a ringlet, just like so. So, we've quite a gentle curl here, but if you'd like it a bit curlier, you can grab your curling iron and again, starting from the bottom section, just wrap it around the curling iron again, just to give it more of a defined curl.

To finish off the look, if you like, you can attach a ribbon, a length of ribbon in any colour or even just a quick bow, like that, it's cute just to the top of the ponytail, to give it that real cutesy feel. And that's how you do cheerleading hairstyles.