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How To Do Christmas Candle Centerpieces

How To Do Christmas Candle Centerpieces

The beauty of Christmas candle centerpieces depends on the arrangement of flowers and foliage on its wreath base. Pop some fruiting tree ivy and red roses and you'll have that lime green and red mixture of colours. But there are more things you can add to make an extravagant yet versatile Christmas candle centerpiece.

This is a wreath or a circular arrangement which is ideal for hanging on the door or for the center of a table. The first thing you are going to need to do, is if you're going to hang it on the door, is to do a loop so that it's easily suspended. And for this, I'm using the oasis bind wire which I love but you can just use twine or you can use string and I'm just going to take it there, I'm not indenting it too heavily into the foam because I don't want it to.

But it's a polystyrene base so we can't cut through completely. So, I loop it together so this will be very secure once hanging on your door knob like so and then I'm going to just take away the hard edges by going round the ring like this, leaving less foam to be covered and just giving a softer shape to the design, so around that with the knife. You can get a form like this with either a plastic base or with this foam base and it really is very very good.

You must keep it watered. If it dries out, it will not be a source of water for your plant material. So, there, very quickly, just cut it around like that.

So, this is the wreath which I've given a basic covering, little snippets, and now I'm going to add short pieces of tree ivy that I've had on the water and being stored in a black plastic bag which keeps it fresh for a long long time. So, I'm dotting these around the wreath but don't use large pieces. Keep using small pieces and you'll keep the shape because you're trying to ensure that you have a circular form at all times.

This is the fruiting tree ivy which is found anywhere and absolutely wonderful. It's one of my favourite foliages and you can grow it at home in any dark shaded spots and it will thrive. And now, it's ready to add the flowers and after we add the flowers, we then add the bur balls.

So, here goes. I've got some lovely red roses here and they're going to be the principal players in the part. So, I'm just going to place through like this and how gorgeous.

This particular one is from Kenya and just heavenly, so just around like that and don't worry about cutting them short because the shorter the stems, the less distance water has to flow in order to reach the flowering head so the flowers will last a good long time. So, just around the circle, notice this one here, I've placed a little bit to such a dominant form, too far into the center and it would be better if I do that so the light travels around in that circle, and like that, cut it a little bit shorter, put down to the outside, and I'm going to fill in. The bulk is at large and sometimes, you can have too large a rose for your purpose.

So, I'm going to place spray roses in between them just to graduate the size a little bit down to the bur balls I'm going to add a little later. So, there it goes like that. Beautiful red roses! I've got a lot of compost after I finish with this and all those stems.

So, down like that so if I hold it up again, you could see how it's coming along. It's got the roses and then I take these. This is quite an extravagant Christmas arrangement but it will look nice.

I've got these sprays and then place those through it. I'm cutting out. Done! Here we go and you could use fir cones which are very very easy to place or you could use apples, tangerines, lots and lots of different varieties or variations of what I'm doing today.

So, once you've got roses covering and dispersed with the spray roses, now's the time to add your bur balls and what I've done is place a wire through the loop at the bottom of the bur ball and I've covered it with clean parafilm. You don't have to use that but it just disguises and makes it look easier to use and hide. So, I just place those through.

Now, lime green and red are gorgeous colours together. They look so happy and I've got the matted ones and I've got the shiny ones and I'm going to use a mixture of the two and place them through and this is very easy to do and very effective. Now, one of