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How To Do Christmas Hair

How To Do Christmas Hair

Everyone wants a unique hairstyle at Christmas! Here is a video showing you three hairstyles perfect for the Christmas season.

Hi, I would like to show you how to do Christmas hairstyles. The first stage of the first hairstyle which is called the half-up half-down with a side twist, you will definitely need a tail comb for this style, and a couple of things, a hair band to fix the hair, it could be also hair clips as well, whatever you prefer, whatever is easier. If you have a side parting, like our model, you just have to make sure it is a very clean section parting.

The idea is to make three twists here on this side, to be able to pull this half up to the back. So, you have to basically visually split this side into three sections, it will be one, two, and three. By twisting the start of the section, the front one, you just go around, keep twisting.

The first rope is done, just fix it here, and we're going to the next one. We're doing it exactly the same way. And once the third one is finished, we're going to combine all three of them, and twist it into one single rope, like this.

Fix this in the back of the hair, and we'll have to do exactly the same thing on the other side. As you can see, I have done exactly the same thing on the other side. So, I sectioned the hair in three, and I twisted the sections.

When the second side met the first one, I just twisted the sections the opposite ways, and we got this rope plait going on, it's very easy to do so when you twist the sections the opposite way, they will start twisting around each other. You can carry on to the end, but I prefer to just finish over here. And you fix the end.

And again, this hair could be curled, or straightened, you can leave it like that, you could put an accessory there, or anything to cover this hair band. And that was the first Christmas hairstyle. And the second style will be just a slight variation of the previous one.

So, we will just undo the single plait, and we'll put all the hair in a high ponytail. And the highlight of this style will be an accessory, which is a bright accessory, fixing the ponytail. So, we'll still leave our sections, which sort of combine when you do a ponytail, the sections combine all together.

We need a very strong hair band to hold the hair. And that's the second Christmas hairstyle - it's a ponytail with a bright accessory. And this third Christmas hairstyle would be the plait with a scarf.

Section your hair in three, it's a very easy style to do, you just need to probably practice a few times, but it is not very difficult. Place your hair scarf in two sections and start twisting. I think this turquoise scarf looks really nice with the gingery brown hair.

It's a great summer style but for Christmas, it's just perfect. When we come to the end, it's easy to fix just using the sides of the sort of the tails of the scarf. Just twist it around the ends a couple of times, and tie it here.

And that's our third Christmas style. And that is how to do Christmas hair. .