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How To Do Christmas Table Decorations

How To Do Christmas Table Decorations

This video shows how to make a beautiful table centerpiece of flowers and candles for Christmas and many other occasions. It's relatively quick to do for a lasting appeal on your festivity table.

For this idea for the table, you'll need a low glass bowl. This one's ideal because it's actually got two walls built but that doesn't really matter, just a low bowl. In the center of the bowl, you put an upright vase just like that and then I have placed some candles inside at regular intervals around the inside.

First of all, I fill - I don't actually fill it because I'm going to be using bowl flowers and bowl flowers don't like a lot water and then I'm going to place water in the second bowl because we're going to float some flowering heads in the base here. So, I make sure that I cut the stems immediately prior to placing in water because otherwise, the stems seal up and they do last. If you buy fresh and you place them in water, they will last for a week, a good week.

Now, I'm going to reserve a few of the heads because what I want to do is place them in the water base and I just put my second jar of water to add a little bit more in there because I want the flowers to float. So, I take this and look at that gorgeous flower there and just a little tip, you know how old it is by the length of the stem between this little fill of leaves and flowering head and that the longer it is, the older it is. But these were bought just the other day and if I put that one in there, you'll see the gorgeous effect it has by just being simply placed.

I like the little fill of leaves. It gives a little bit of excitement there and because I want a nice open flower down the base, I'm just going to take a few from here, remove the stems and that one, I'm going to cut short and put in there. So, you can see this is a very very quick design that has lots of impact and it's just perfect for the center of the table.

So, there we are there and my remaining heads, I can just pop in there for seasonal appeal. Now, you could use different colours. You can mix the colours, you can use blues and the reds and the whites all together in a happy mass or just place like that.

Then one more, pop it in like that and then you've got a lovely mass of gorgeous flowers. Now, I'm going to quickly show you how you can do it on a budget and I'm going to take away the flowers. I'm going to put those out there because I don't need any more water and I'm just going to lift these out, place them there gently and then I'm going to be using this tree ivy which I mentioned earlier, remove other leaves and just place them.

I've just cut the ends before so I don't need to do that again just a second ago and then mass it. This is so festive on this time of year. The berries occur when the ivy has left its natural support so if it's climbing up a wall, it doesn't have these berries.

So there you are, you've got your framework of the ivory and then they will support perhaps ten stems of flowers and make them look gorgeous and that's a lovely big open one. They do come in various sizes but they get bigger and bigger but do remember never ever to place them in foam. And just a few more, that's a nice bud and then what you could do if you wanted to add seasonal appeal, bur balls and then you could just put them in a little stick and thread them through into the base of the design, like so.

I'm going to light the candles now and say to you all, Happy Christmas and enjoy this lovely table centrepiece which can be done so quickly and easily and on a budget. .