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How To Do Cleopatra Makeup

How To Do Cleopatra Makeup

Spice up parties with spectacular face painting. Learn how to do the popular Cleopatra look in this easy-to-follow tutorial video from Juliet Eve, a professional face painter from Facade Academy (www.facadeacademy.co.uk).

Well, today, what we're going to do is show you how to do some make-up for Cleopatra, and Sophie is going to be our model today. So, I'm going to start with my metallic yellow and a hint of gold in it as well. The gold I've got is a bit too bronzy and the yellow is just too yellow so the mix is about right, so thanks.

Keep your eyes closed. So, I'm going to use the edge of the sponge to form the eyelid. If I have it this way round, it would tend to touch down, but if I turn upwards, then it just goes upwards.

And then keep it pretty much within the brow area, under the brow. So, we'll have a quite a strong line from the brow there. I'm going to follow her brow to a point.

And then, I'm going to do an eye line in blue as well and take that out to a square end, like that. And again, in fact, the top line, I think, I will also tip to a square line, here we go. Keep your eye closed for a minute, Soph.

And do the same on the other side, and square it off there, just to leave a gap in the middle. Now, keep your eyes closed. This is a little tip of mine, use a dry tissue and just lay it over the eye, okay, Soph, that's what I'm going to do.

Just lay it and just push and that just dries it off very quickly. And we're trying to get as close as we can, but it can be quite heavy, because it's Egyptian. This would often be in black, so can do black if you like, I just fancy doing blue today.

So, I'll put the glitter on. We'll have, I think, over the top. So, this is how to do the Cleopatra make-up who is obviously around in Egyptian times so that's why I've done a hint of a Tutankhamun shape there.

As I've said, I did put a base of gold yellow on and then the metallic blue, and then the lines, and then finish it off with glitter which just gives it a special sparkle. So, that's how to do the Cleopatra make-up.