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How To Do Contemporary Flower Arrangements

How To Do Contemporary Flower Arrangements

Nowadays, flower arrangements are springing up with interesting contemporary designs. Here's to give you a good idea of what a contemporary flower arrangement is.

This is a very easy and simple contemporary design that looks most effective. It looks particularly good if you perhaps have three and then rowed down at the center of the table creating good rhythm and real joy to see. All you need are nine roses, a few apples but alternatively use any other hard fruit or nuts.

They all look very effective. First of all, I'm going to take some water and pour it into my clean glass tank. So, what I'm now going to do in the beginning, I'm going to place my apples and these have been waxed.

They are from the flower market and they've been waxed so that they do last and last. I'm simply going to put them in here, at the bottom. They've been washed as well because you don't want any dirt going into the water and making it look unclear.

So, there go the apples. You don't want too many because you're going to have to put your stems through the apples and if they are too many there, you're going to have great trouble actually getting them through the water. I then take my cello tape, my narrow cello tape, and you need to make sure that you haven't got any water over the rim of the container when you were pouring in your water or you'll find that it doesn't actually stick.

But cello tape is great or scotch as they call it in America because, I've got that wet so I'm not going to use it, I'm going to cut off that end and then just make another, so you've got two strips this way and then I go and take two strips the other way. Now, you can't get simpler than this, like that, so we can trim that off the end just to make it less obvious. I take these roses.

Now, this is a beautiful rose from Kenya and it's called freedom and it will last and last. I am going to take off the leaves and measure them and I'm going to cut. This is an interesting point.

Where the leaves come off the stem, we call that part the node and if you cut the stem just below the node like that, water has more difficulty getting past them into the flowering head. So when I have a choice, I will always try and cut above it at an angle so I can always simply pop them into there so it rests on the rim. One, two, and so it's going quite nicely and easily through the apples and into the water.

When you are cutting your stems, it's always a good idea when you've got your stems before you put them into the bin, always cut them into small pieces and try and use it as compost. Then, that's a good recycling tip. There we go.

These are just lovely. How to tell if a rose is fresh is press it here, just take with your fingers and gently squeeze there and if it's nice and firm and resilient to the touch, you know that it's got lots of life left in it and your arrangement is going to last a long time. Three more to do, so I've got my six and I'm just popping them in there through the apples, then the contrast of the lime green with the red is gorgeous.

They're what we call complimentary colours and they set each other up to the best advantage. And so, there you have a very easy and quick table centrepiece that's always going to cause comments and it's got a very contemporary look about it. .