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How To Do Cross Stitch Embroidery

How To Do Cross Stitch Embroidery

This video provides an excellent description of how to sew a cross-stitch for embroidering. You are given step by step instructions on how to perform the stitch in a clear and easy to understand fashion.

Hi, my name's Aliza from Seam So Easy, www.seamsoeasy.com.

I've been sewing for 15 years and today I'm going to show you some techniques. Today, I'm going to show you how to do a cross-stitch. Before you start your cross-stitch, you need to have the material in the hoop, and nice and tight so that it's easy to keep the stitches even.

I'm going to use wool because the hole is large and you can see what I'm doing. The length of thread shouldn't be too long; maximum of either 12 inches or 15 inches. Normally, you bring the needle up through one hole and leave about an inch or two inches at the back and hold it so that it doesn't come through.

Then you go to the hole across the material and bring the needle down to the back. When you come up again, you go to the top left hand hole and come down across to the bottom right hand, and you're still holding the thread at the back since it hasn't gotten caught. It'll get caught only with the next stitch.

The next stitch goes again at the top right hand corner. Now, make sure that thread is caught at the back like that so the stitch won't come out. When you come up at the top right hand corner, you go down across the bottom left hand corner hole.

Then again at the top left hand, and bottom right hand and you continue like that making sure that underneath the thread is caught, as you saw. Again at the top right hand corner. Bottom left hand.

Top left hand, and the bottom right hand corner. You have to make sure that you don't pull the thread too hard, because if you pull the cotton, it will get stretched and the stitch will be very tight, it has to just lie flat on the surface. When you want to finish this off, you take it around and just pass the needle through two or three stitches.

In this case, there are only two stitches, so I'll put it through the two stitches like that, and cut it off. .