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How To Do Crossovers

How To Do Crossovers

Professional figure skater Robert Buregeman demonstrates how to do backwards and forwards crossovers on the ice. Building up speed and confidence as you go.

Okay, so in this section, we're going to learn to do crossovers, both forwards and backwards, also known as crosscuts depending on where you are in the world. Basically, the idea of doing the crossovers is to generate more speed, getting around corners, both backwards and forwards you'll see it used in a lot of routines when you're watching professional skating on TV. Very very important part of skating and also lot more fun than just skating forwards.

So what we're going to do to start off with is basically you're going to have your right arm in front of you, going along the circle. Your left arm is going to be slightly behind you, not in behind your body, just so you've got a nice open position with your body looking in towards the circle. To start off with, we're actually going to take a left right push, we're going to build out momentum up first.

So we're going to go left, right, face into the circle, push, cross over, bring your feet together. Push again with your right foot. Cross the foot over.

Push again with your right foot and cross the foot over. The further down on the knee you go, the more speed you generate. Okay, so if you don't feel too confident actually doing it at this speed, a really good basic exercise to practice - face the barrier, hips, shoulders, everything square.

You can use a line in the ice. What you're going to do is take a step sideways, pick your right foot up, cross the foot over, step down, right foot up, cross the foot over. Just to get you used to it, try keeping your feet crossed while you're actually on the ice and standing on one foot as well.

Okay, having got used to doing full crossovers one way, I want you to also attempt at the other way. This time, we're going to push off obviously with the left foot, crossing over the left, over the right. Okay now, we're going to move over to backwards crossovers.

Slightly different, but yet again, the same befits. It helps you pick up speed. So what you're going to do is keep your feet and hips facing one direction, you're going to turn your body into the circle.

From here, all you're going to do is a pump from your left foot, stay down on your knees. From that position there, all you're going to do is heel leading, cross the foot over. As you can see, I'm down in my knees as I'm crossing the foot over, the left knee bends to match the right knee.

Another good exercise to do on this particular backwards crossovers is just go around the circle pumping left foot, face the direction you're going in at all times, you can see what's coming up behind you, and from this position here, you can then just do the back crossover. Okay, that's how to do crossovers, both backwards and forwards and in both directions. .