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How To Do Crunches With An Exercise Ball

How To Do Crunches With An Exercise Ball

Lying on back, ball beneath lower back Feet flat on ground Do basic crunch, lifting head towards ceiling not pulling on neck www.fastfitnessvideos.com

Step 1: Exercise Explained

Now we are going to work your abs. These are called "Ball Crunches". All you need to do is lie back on the ball and do little crunches.

Step 2: Support Your Back

The most important being, is to support your lower back, so you want to have the ball beneath your lower back. You want to have your hands behind your head, and you are going to be tilting your chin and head up towards the ceiling.

Step 3: Normal Crunch

You are not going to be pulling on your neck as you would with a normal crunch. You will be slowly raising your body up towards the ceiling.