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How To Do Devil Face Painting

How To Do Devil Face Painting

In this creative and fun tutorial from VideoJug, Kat Sinclair shows how anyone can create an authentic looking devil face. Learn in just a simple few steps, how to put everyone else's devil costume to shame!

Hello, my name is Kat Sinclair. I am a professional face painter. I've been painting for eight years.

I'm going to show you some tips, tricks, and techniques for doing your own face painting at home. I'm going to show you how to do a devil face painting. First, we're going to use red, and we're going to cover the whole face in red.

I'm squeezing the sponge to get it right into the eye socket. Then, ask your model to look upwards, so that you can go underneath. Thank you.

Close your eyes again. Okay. So we've done the whole face covered in red.

Then, what you need to do is take a piece of wet cloth, and just mark out where you're going to put the devil's horns. Just clean off a little tiny bit of paint where you're going to have the devil's horns there. If you're going to be painting them in white, then it won't go with the mix.

It might pink if you're not careful. Alright, do keep hold of your red sponge. I'm using black paint.

Painting the eyebrows, it's really nice and bushy and evil, and then use your sponge to blend down where the paint's still wet. Make the eye sockets nice and dark. Do the same on this side.

Just flicking your eyebrows so they're nice and pointy. Just press down and just flick up with the brush, and again blending down to make the eye sockets nice and dark. That sponge with a bit of black on it, you can use that to mark out the cheek bones.

Make him look like he is sneering a little bit, and so we'll do a few lines around the nose. You need to clean your brush thoroughly, we'll be using white for the next bit, and then just add in the horns on the forehead. Make sure their nice and pointy, you're using a small brush, and the black paint adding some wrinkles and other details around the eyes.

You can look at your own face in the mirror and scrunch it up, and that will give you some idea of where these wrinkles will go. Turn your head for me. Add a few wrinkles on the forehead and outward horns.

If you do this shape around the horn, then that looks like it's sitting in a socket on the head. Do a few wrinkles going out like that. Again, just make it look like it's coming forward out of the head, because he is a handsome devil, do a little bit of a beard.

That's how you do a devil face painting. .