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How To Do Dog Whelping

How To Do Dog Whelping

If you are a dog breeder and would like to know more about dog whelping, then you can make use of the tips and hints given in this video to carry out whelping of your pet dog.

Hi, I am Jamie Crittall from Beech House Veterinary Centre in Surrey and I am here to talk to you about dog breeding. I am often asked how a dog whelps. It is a completely natural thing and it happens classically nine weeks, that's the length of the pregnancy.

But sometimes they start whelping from about day 57, often at nights when it is quiet. So, those are the sort of times when you need to be really really aware and be prepared that she maybe going into whelp. And the first thing that you might see is she becomes restless.

She starts looking at her tummy, she might start nesting in the whelping box and at that stage, things maybe are about to kick off. Her body temperature will suddenly drop by at least one degree and for toy breed, it goes down the most, anything down to 35 degree centigrade, medium breed, spaniels maybe 36, and giant breeds like 37 degrees. At that stage, she is really close to going into second stage of labor where she starts to produce her puppies.

Her body temperature will come back up. You may see her waters break and you will start seeing abdominal contractions. She will start straining and hopefully within an hour, her first puppy will be produced.

If it is taking anything longer than that, you have to be on the phone to your vet. Let them know and they will talk you through it. But be prepared, they might want you to bring the bitch in just in case she has problem.

The thing that is really really important is you stay calm and relaxed because any of your worries or anxieties will rub off on the bitch. You keep calm and gentle assurance and everything should go to plan. Remember, nature is a wonderful thing and you will end up with a wonderful litter of puppies. .