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How To Do Doll Makeup

How To Do Doll Makeup

Learn how to do a catwalk-style doll make-up with this five-minute video with make-up artist Mandy Jhamat.

So, today, I'm going to be showing how to do a doll makeup. This look that I'm going to be doing has been inspired by Twiggy, from the late 60's. She used to have the very big doll-eyes and put the Joan lashes.

So, we've started with prepping the skin. The skin is very chewy and illuminating. We've taken some highlighter into the cheekbones here, just over the lip and on the brow.

The eyes have been prepped with a white eye shadow on the lids and just underneath. And then, we've gone in with a little peach color just underneath the lower lashes and now, I'm going to show you how to do that on the other side. Using an angled brush is best for this.

You start from the outside and just draw a curved line into the inner corners. It doesn't have to be too neat because we're going to blend this now. And then, just pull your sideway to be in towards the eyelid.

Okay, we're going to follow that same shape on the eyelid and we're going to use a turquoise green, just above the socket line. And, again, we want to draw that kind of curved shape, bearing the one that you've drawn underneath. And once you've drawn that, we're going to blend.

We're going to go over that same turquoise with just some eye shadow. I'm using a kind of pearl one here, just to add a little bit of glitter. The eye shadow's also going to create a bit of depth in that socket line.

So, don't be afraid to make the color quite strong here. For the cheeks, for this look, I'm actually going to be using eye mascara. So, it's pink mascara from the makeup store.

As long as the mascara is quite creamy, then it should work quite well. So, we're going to place the color on the cheekbone, and then going into the hairline. You need to bring it kind of round into the temples towards the eyebrow.

It's quite nice when you use your fingers because you can really work into the skin. As you can see, it can get quite intense with this color. This is an Ella masker, very pink powder blush, which is going to go over the top of the pink that we've already done.

It will really buff the skin, so you get a really soft edge for the whole pink color there. We're now going to just do some white eyeliner into the actual waterline of the eye. This is really good to widen the eye.

It's very keen and doll look. We're going to create some very, quite subtle painted eyelashes in the same peach color, and then we're going to go over that in a black. If you start on the outer edge with long lashes and then kind of going into that half way, then making it slightly shorter as you come in.

The same mascara now, we're not using mascara still. It's going to go into the brows, kind of as if you're brushing the eyebrows up. You don't want them to be completely pink, but just little chards of color through the hair.

Okay, so we're going to go with some black eyeliner, just over in a long way, upper lashes. So, we're going to apply the mascara emphasizing the kind of middle to outer edge of the lashes. It's going to give a little more rounded effect to the eyes rather than just the outer edge which creates more almond shape.

Okay, so we've just finished off the other eye and rounded off the cheeks, and now, we're going to do the lips. And they're going to be pink. This color, I'm just going to dab it on with my fingers because I want it to look more kind of like a stain as opposed to really neat lip color.

And that's how to do doll makeup. .