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How To Do Dramatic Eye Makeup

How To Do Dramatic Eye Makeup

Eye makeup can make your eyes look really full and dynamic if you do the right kind of eye makeup and use the right kind of eye shadows.

Hi. Today, I'm going to show you how to do dramatic eye makeup and for this, you need some really nice bright vibrant intense colors or some really nice deep smokey colors because that's what dramatic makeup is all about. So, the brushes that you would need are a large flat brush, a small applicator flat brush, a fluffy brush with a tapered edge and a very small and pointed brush.

Now, over here, we've already applied foundation, concealer and powder and we've already groomed Sheena's eyebrows and we've already applied a primer to the eyelids and this really helps the eye shadows adhere to the eyelid and also, the eye shadow lasts and stops it from creasing. To begin with, I'm going to apply this Mac paint pot which is a really nice base color for the eye shadows. So just apply it with your ring finger, don't need very much, just going to apply this to the eyelid area here, not going to work up too much, just keep it very, very close to the lashes.

With the small flat brush, I'm going to apply this loose pigment from Mac which is a really nice purpley grey color, but like I said, you can choose whatever color you wish to apply depending on either the color of your outfit or the look you want to go for. Just pull up the brow and just place this at the inner corner area here. It's a really nice shimmery color.

Then with that same flat brush, I'm going to apply another pigment. This is a really nice blue brown color from Mac. Now, I'm going to apply this in the middle area of the eye and it's got a really lovely shimmery but still vibrant color to it.

Press it all down because it's a loose pigment so it needs to sort of, stick to the eye area. Then with a flat brush again, I'm going to go in with a very dark deep blue pigment from Mac. This is going to be the darkest color that we're going to apply so we're going to apply this in the outer V area and just work it backwards, blending it into the other colors that you've already applied.

Then with the large flat brush, we're going to use this really nice soft pinky ivory shimmery color. I'm just going to pick this up and put this on the brow area. Place it right in the corner very, very close to the eyebrows and just pat it on.

You can see it's already giving a really nice sheen to the eyebrow. Then with the fluffy blending brush, we're going to blend all the colors in together. Just pull the eyebrow up and just in small circular motions, blend any harsh edges.

Then you can line your waterline with black eye pencil. Really work it into the lashes to give it a really nice intense look. Then apply 2 to 3 coats of some really nice thick lengthening mascara.

Just wiggle the mascara on through the lashes. This will really finish it off to really make your eyes stand out. So to create this look, you need 2 to 3 lovely deep shades or vibrant shades of eye shadow, some black eye pencil and a really good deep black mascara.

And there you go. That's how to create a really nice dramatic eye makeup look. .