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How To Do Easy Bmx Tricks

How To Do Easy Bmx Tricks

Learn how to do easy BMX tricks. Watch this video to help get you started on the road to BMX stardom. These are a few basic tricks that you must learn so try it for yourself.

Once you've mastered your beginner stunts to ride BMX flatland or BMX in general. We're going to move on to start with some really easy BMX tricks.

I say easy, they still can take a lot of time to learn but their fun and in relation to other tricks that are obviously you've see farther than the line. These are quite easy but they are a lot of fun to do and a lot of fun to learn and you can pick them up quite easily. These tricks such as front hoops, back hoops and endo, rock walk and this tricks only involved using the brakes.

A game that can be done, for instance in some circumstances if you wade your feet in the world to use them as brakes but usually you could start an out BMX flatland, you would had a complete setup in the front and the rare brake. So it's best to utilize these brakes while you've got them because you may find farther in the line that you don't want brakes or the brakes destroy. At the beginning I recommend to have brakes and learn all the fundamental tricks and I'm going to show a few basic tricks that you can learn.

The first of these tricks that we are going to learn today is called an indo. It's basically just going up on your front wheel, with pedals level and coming back down and riding away. It can be a fun trick because you can do them as low as you can want or you can do them as high you want, it all depends.

The better you get, you find yourself sitting at the back tire, when you've got them down. But first, just do a normal endo. Just look to get the back off the ground about this far.

Keep it under control, pedals level and put it down. And it should look like this. The next trick you might want to look at is back hops.

Now, this is quite an easy trick. Ti can be done at the pedals or it can be done on the pegs. When it's done on the pegs, it's going to be almost like being on a pogo stick.

It is the same principle. So you are going to bring the bike up. The easy way to learn is just to put the bike in the position, have your back break on fullest all times.

Never let go of this or the bike is going to roll out roughly and you will end on the floor. So basically keep that on all the time as strong as you like. Make sure it is on good working order and it locks nicely.

You are going to step up on to the back peg. But using your feet, you are going to like almost going to grip the frame, as when you want to step on this one, you are going to grip the frame. And then you are going to bounce.

But when you bounce, you grip the frame and you bounce up high. Then bounce up really high, just a little bounce will be enough to get your bike off the floor about an inch or so. Your feel is, you will start to feel like a pogo stick.

Then you will do more hops to keep yourself up there. At first it is going to be, like that. Then eventually, once you get your balance board and know where the hops are and your comfortable in it, you will be doing more and more.

Just treat it like a pogo stick exactly the same. And to ride out this, just drop the bike down and ride away. And those were the two of the easier, easy BMX trick that you can learn.