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How To Do Easy Cake Decorating

How To Do Easy Cake Decorating

Donna and Sam from the Buttercup Cake Shop share some great hints and tips on cake decorating. Let the fun begin!


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  • vanilla sponge cake
  • vanilla buttercream frosting


Apply some frosting to your serving platter and attach the bottom layer of your cake. Smooth buttercream frosting on to the top, to form the filling. It doesn't matter if the filling is neatly spread, but make sure it is evenly distributed.

Add the top layer of the cake and begin to spread on the frosting with a palette knife, starting from the sides. Don't worry about crumbs showing as they will be covered up by the second layer of frosting. After the first layer is completed, place the cake in the fridge for a few minutes. Remove and apply the second coat of frosting. Once the frosting is all applied, smooth it over with the palette knife.

To finish, take a piping bag filled with frosting and fitted with a small star nozzle and pipe small dabs around the base of the cake and around the perimetre of the top.