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How To Do Easy Mehndi Designs

How To Do Easy Mehndi Designs

Learn how to create simple mehndi henna designs. The big bold floral patterns shown in this VideoJug tutorial are exotic yet perfect for beginners.

Hi, my name's Reena. I'm from NailCreations.com.

This is Prianka and Krishma. Today, we're going to show you how to create henna designs. Hello.

Today, I'd like to show you how to do simple henna designs. Very basic, very simple, anyone could get the hang of it. We want to combine two parallel lines as you can see, and we're going to create a flower.

We will combine three same flowers, but in a different length. It's very important when you're doing henna for the first time, when you're practicing, to use big bold designs as opposed to small and intricate. Not necessarily when you do henna does it mean it has to be small and intricate, there's loads of different styles of henna that you can do.

You can do Arabic henna, which is more flowers. You can do Indian henna, which is more bold and intricate designs. Or you can do Pakistani henna, which is very, very, very intricate.

It's very important to pick up the way you do particular shading, as it gives an amazing effect once the henna's true color is enhanced. And that's how you create simple henna designs. .