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How To Do Easy Updos For Long Hair

How To Do Easy Updos For Long Hair

For a quick but cool daytime hairstyle, watch this video and follow the simple steps to create a textured up do for long hair.

I'm going to show you how to do a quick and easy hair up, ideal for just an afternoon chilling around London or just something really, really easy. What I've done is just done a plain and simple ponytail. I love that this looks amazing with those with fringes but also looks good with long hair, even if you've got a few straggly bits coming down there because the bun that I'm going to do is going to be backcombed, so it will make it look really quite textured.

It will probably take about five seconds to do. Once you've put it in the ponytail, just grab your random pieces and backcomb into the ponytail to make a big mess. It's really simple but really effective, so just get new pieces.

Then just grab it in a bunch and work it into a bun, keeping it nice and tight, getting your normal Kirby grips that you can get anywhere, going into the head and then back on yourself to the ponytail. Obviously, you can go as high up or as low down as you want. You can go to the top of the head or right at the bottom or the side, you can do too if you wish.

Then just finish off with a bit of texture spray or hairspray and then just pull out some of that textured backcomb. There we have, a textured easy up do bun. .