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How To Do Edge Stitch

How To Do Edge Stitch

The video shows you how to do an edge stitch which can be used in stitching for neck lines or belts. Follow this easy way of edge stitching.

Now, I'm going to show you how to edge stitch. You will use edge stitch when you're trying to stitch down the folded edge like this one and you don't want to sew it in the middle because the flat will still be free so you want to sew quite close to the edge. So, what I'm going to do is find a point on the machine that's a guide for me.

So, it might be a guide at this side or it might be somewhere on the front of side. It doesn't matter just find your guide and that will help you keep you sewing straight. I'm going to sew it with a normal stitch length of 2 ½ a straight stitch.

I'm going to reverse and start and carry it on and what I'm aiming for is to sew a millimeter or 2 millimeters from the edge of that fold. Needs to be quite precise again nice and slowly and at the end reverse and come back again. And that's how you edge stitch.

You can use edge stitch for lots of things. It may be to finish your garments around a neck line, you might want to do an edge stitch around the edge of the neck line, you also might want to do it on the edge of the belt, it can be that used for simply sewing down a folded edge or it can also be used in a decorative way if you wanted to outline something in a dark thread for example. So, there are lots of uses of edge stitching and all it is, is stitching close to edge. .