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How To Do Egyptian Makeup

How To Do Egyptian Makeup

A costume isn't complete without face paint. Whether you want to be a tiger, a princess, or a cardboard box, face painting skills are essential. These simple steps will help you to design and paint your own Egyptian makeup and to pull off any stylish Egyptian costume!

Now, today, I'm going to show you how to do Egyptian make-up and I'm going to give it a bit of a twist and turn it into a kind of Tutankhamen, that kind of suggestion. So, I'm going to start with my metallic yellow and a hint of gold in it as well. The gold I've got is a bit too bronzy and the yellow is just too yellow, so the mix is about right.

So keep your eyes closed, so I'm going to use the edge of the sponge to form the eyelid. If I had it this way round, it would tend to touch down, but if I turn it upwards, then it just goes upwards. So, along the eye there, and we'll keep it pretty much within the brow area under the brow.

So, we'll have a, first of all, quite a strong line from the brow there. I'm going to follow her brow to a point. And then, I'm going to do an eye line in blue as well and take that out to a square end, like that.

And in fact, the top line, I think I will also take to a square line. There we go. Keep your eyes closed for a minute.

We're going to do the same on the other side, and square it off there. You can leave a little gap in the middle. Now, keep your eyes closed, I'm going to give a little tip of mine.

Use a dry tissue and just lay it over the eye. Just lay it and just push, and that just dries it off very quickly. And we'll try to get as close as we can.

And it can be quite heavy because it's Egyptian. This would often be in black, so you can do black if you like. I just fancy doing blue, today.

So, I'll put the glitter on. We'll have, I think go over the top. What I'm going to do now is add to this and turn it into more Egyptian, really.

I want to add the snake that you often find on the Tutankhamen figures that we've seen. So, I'm just going to put a cobra on her forehead. So, to do that, I think I'll start with some gold and make the main snaky shape.

He'll come with his splayed hood, isn't it, I think that's the word. So, eye, nostril, eye, and this is his mouth shape. Fill that part in with gold.

Add on to the nose a bit with his open mouth. And we'll add a tiny bit of black to the top here which is sort of natural shaded, we'll just wipe that off a little bit. Just the bit that's sort of in the back of his throat if you like is going to be the darker.

And maybe I'll just add a little white. That just highlights where the hint of the scales, and again, giving the rubs just a bit of shape. So, it suggests snake.

That's what we're after, really. It might not be anatomically correct, but if you wanted to do that for a bit of fun, that's how to do some Egyptian make-up. I've got the eyes which are a hint of Tutankhamen, the base with the yellowy-gold.

I've used the blue, the metallic blue to outline the eyes, and the eye line. And then, the snake is gold with the red center, I've done some green eyes, and the lips to match. .