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How To Do Emma Watson Style Short Hair

How To Do Emma Watson Style Short Hair

Looking for some fab short hair styles? In this episode of Hair With Hollie professional hair stylist Hollie Kiernan shows you how to do two Emma Watson inspired looks: casual daytime hair and sleek red carpet hair.

Look 1 - Casual Daytime Hair

Products Used

  • Tail Comb
  • John Masters Organics - Sweet Orange And Silk Protein Styling Gel
  • L'Oreal - Studio Line Silk And Gloss Volume Hairspray
  • GHD - Straighteners

Step 1: Prepare The Hair

Start with a deep side parting using the arch of the eyebrow for guidance. If you do have curly hair it would be a good idea to straighten it beforehand.

Step 2: Add Gel

Apply some gel to a tail comb and comb through the hair, this will give the hair a bit of definition and grip.

Step 3: Work The Bangs

When you get to the front section/fringe/bangs take a little bit more time to get that textured detailed look. You can use a tail comb and your fingers to mould and work the fringe so it sweeps across the forehead. Keep working the fringe until you are happy with the look.

Step 4: Finish The Look

Finish with hairspray to keep the look in place and smooth down any flyaways with your fingers.

Look 2 - Sleek Red Carpet Hair

Products Used

  • Tail Comb
  • Garnier Fructis - Style Spiking Gel Ultra Strong
  • L'Oreal - Studio Line Silk And Gloss Volume Hairspray

Step 1: Prepare And Part The Hair

Part the hair into a deep side parting using your tail comb, using the outer edge of the brow as a guideline.

Step 2: Apply Gel All Over

Apply some gel to your tail comb and work it into the hair from the root all the way to the tips. The look you are going for is a very sleek wet look, so gel is key. As you are working the gel into the hair comb the hair towards the back of the head so you get a slicked back look. Keep applying gel and combing until you have all the hair in place.

Step 3:

Finish with hairspray; don't be afraid to add more than you would usually as this is a very high shine look and you want to keep it in place.